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Early Childhood Professional Development Series

Health & Safety in Early Childhood Programs
Learn how to identity common childhood illnesses, safety, and emergencies
and how best to create a healthy and safe environment for young children in
your program.
Presenters: Nathalie Tocci, Family Centers Manager of Care to Care, Nurse Consultant, and Dr. Catherine Ford, Pediatrician, Optimus Healthcare
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The Process and Supports for Students in Preschool
Environments with Diverse Needs
Stamford Public Schools has a process for identifying whether a child qualifies for an Individualized Education Plan. We also have many supports in place for students who have diverse needs. Come learn about how to reach out to us and what supports we can put in place together to support the child in your program.
Presenter: Kendra Brown, Director of Early Childhood, Stamford Public Schools
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Emotional Connection in Childhood
Join Dr. Martha Welch to learn about social-emotional development and how you can
support it in your early childhood program.
Presenter: Dr. Martha Welch, Director, Columbia University Medical Center Nurture
Science Program
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All attendees will be entered into a raffle for the book: Each and Every Child: Teaching Preschool with an Equity Lens by Susan Friedman and Alissa Mwenelupebe.

Download the flyer in English/Spanish here.