Community Schools

A community school offers families more than a traditional public school.  It is a hub where families, schools, local organizations, and the community work together to create a supportive and enriching environment for students’ growth and success.

Why Community Schools Matter:

All children deserve a safe place to live, support and opportunity to learn, and encouragement to lead ethically.

The community schools strategy transforms a school into a place where educators, local community members, families, and students work together to strengthen conditions for student learning and healthy development. As partners, they organize in- and out-of-school resources, supports, and opportunities so that young people thrive.

Community Schools at Dolan & Rippowam:

Three things you can expect to see from our community school at Dolan and Rippowam are:

  • Social Support – families in need of, or curious about, what supports are available to them in Stamford can come in and talk to our Community School Coordinator and get connected to services for housing, food security, legal services, just to name a few.
  • Convenience – high quality, low-cost, after-school programming means your child can stay at their school and then bussed home. No more having to shuffle your schedule to do afternoon pickups and drop-offs! The diverse programs students can participate in will offer them opportunities to make friends and learn about things like cooking, event planning, art, dance, drones, music, and sports.
  • Community – community schools are successful when families, community members, school staff, and local businesses work together.

Meet the Community School Team

Leticia De La Rosa, Dolan Middle School

Leticia De La Rosa is the Community School Manager for Dolan. Leticia brings over two decades of experience in empowering children and families. With 15 years dedicated to Stamford Public Schools, she’s been a driving force in collaborating with community partners and families to achieve educational goals. Holding a degree in early childhood education, Leticia has been instrumental in guiding families toward development and education milestones.

Her excitement is palpable as she contributes her enthusiasm and dedication to helping families to the Stamford Cradle to Career initiative. Leticia’s collaborative approach fosters strong bonds among school staff, amplifying family participation in school events and enhancing parental involvement in their children’s education. She looks forward to continuing to create a welcoming environment that helps families navigate the educational journey with confidence, through her work with Stamford’s Cradle to Career.

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Shawn Davis, Rippowam Middle School

Shawn Davis is an innovative, people-oriented professional with over 10 years of experience in the education industry. Having worked specifically with non-profits in the youth developmental realm, he brings his passion for the overall advancement of the younger generation. With a Master’s degree and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Florida Memorial University, Shawn has worked with culturally and demographically diverse groups in an effort to increase student enrollment in afterschool programs, college programs, develop their holistic view of life, and help them achieve academic success while also developing employability skills and life-long learning. Shawn utilized his interpersonal and leadership skills to provide mentorship and guidance to ensure academic success, encouraged educational achievement, and identified strategies to effectively use their time, especially towards the betterment of communities. Shawn believes in Stamford Cradles to Careers core values and looking forward to making profound change.

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