Stamford Cradle to Career Racial Equity Statement

Stamford Cradle to Career fights for the education, career, and life of all Stamford youth.


Stamford Cradle to Career is committed to partnering with our community to achieve racial equity and excellence for all Stamford youth to thrive in education, career, and life.

The current systems are flawed, and we know racism is the root of many problems across this country. We believe the well-being of children should NOT be shaped by where they live or how they are racialized. With intentionality and commitment, our goal is to promote anti-racist policies, practices, and behaviors by dismantling systems of oppression.

We are speaking out louder than in the past to condemn with zero tolerance acts of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and expressions of discrimination stemming from one’s race, ethnicity, faith, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status, sex, age, and national origin. As an organization, we recognize and leverage the power and privilege of our brand. We are using both to eliminate structural barriers and advocate for social justice.

Together we act by using our resources to tackle the structural barriers to equity caused by systemic racism that has impeded the health, education, safety, and wellbeing of children and families.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • Centering Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and people of color in our work, ensuring their voices are heard, valued, and elevated for their power and authority.
  • Breaking down and rebuilding the policies and power structures that fail youth of
  • Employing restorative approaches to relationships to create an inclusive community that effectively uses restorative practices.
  • Advocating for justice by challenging policies that perpetuate oppressive systems and inequities in communities.

We will hold ourselves accountable by practicing the change we seek, dismantling injustices, and working with the community to cultivate a more equitable future for all.

To download a pdf of this statement, click here.


Race Equity Measures Report


Race Equity Measures Report (SPANISH)