Transition to Postsecondary, College and Career

This SC2C Community Action Network (CAN) helps students successfully transition out of high school, focusing on the tools they need to make the next step to college, a certificate program, an apprenticeship, or a career.

All Stamford Youth will Graduate from High School and Obtain Postsecondary Degrees and/or Employment.

As a community, we want all students to find success in life, whether it be through postsecondary schooling, an apprenticeship or certificate program, or a career pathway.

To successfully transition from high school, students need the following:

  • a rigorous academic curriculum
  • essential life skills
  • opportunities and support, both academic and non-academic
  • clear communications about expectations and well defined pathways to college and/or career

Measuring Success


five year average percentage of Stamford seniors entering college within one year after graduating high school


Stamford seniors provided with specialized support to encourage college enrollment and prevent summer melt through our Bridge to College program


% higher enrollment rate for Norwalk Community College students enrolled in Bridge to College than those not enrolled

Skill Building for Success:

This initiative aims at fostering the development of non-academic, essential skills needed for success in college and career. The CAN has created a common language based on the following:

  • eight competences from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
  • the Community for Education Foundation’s Overcoming Obstacles life skills curriculum
  • Stamford Public Schools’ strategic vision for developing habits of Mind, Body, and Heart

We are working on supporting community based organizations, the school system, students, and parents to improve and increase opportunities to develop these essential non-academic skills. To view the Skill Building for Success additional resources, click here.

Bridge to College:

Helping Students Reach their First Day of College

Stamford Cradle to Career’s (SC2C) Bridge to College program strives to reduce the number of barriers students experience in their pursuit of postsecondary opportunities. In 2018, 37% of Stamford high school graduates who intended to attend Norwalk Community College did not matriculate in the fall. Nationally, the numbers range from 10-44%, with a significant disproportionate effect on first generation and low-income students.

Bridge to College is a free program that provides as-needed resources, support, and guidance to students between high school graduation and the first day of college classes. Bridge to College is open to all Stamford graduating seniors, no matter what college they plan to attend.

“The step in the process that I needed the most help with was FASFA. If it wasn’t for the help, I would not have been able to attend school this fall.”

SHS class of 2019 | NCC class of 2023

CAN Leadership and Contributors:


Action Plans

To effectively measure and identify effective practices while aligning resources, we have designed and developed a detailed Action Plan process. The process and the related template were created in close partnership with Stamford Public Schools and the Superintendent’s team. This process is consistently followed by all CANs. Each CAN is at a different stage of action plan completion, depending on the complexity of its objectives and the available data.

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