Families play a central role in student success and are key partners in our work. By getting involved in Stamford Cradle to Career, parents and caregivers can connect with community resources while providing an essential voice to guide our work.

All Stamford Youth Will Enter Kindergarten Ready to Learn

As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. No other person or organization will have a greater influence on how well your child does in life and school than you.

Your child’s learning begins at birth! By talking to, playing with, and interacting with your child in a positive way every day, you will set the stage for their healthy growth and development.

Later, when your child enters school, parent involvement is the most important factor in your child’s happiness and success. Your influence can lead to:

  • Higher academic achievement
  • Better cognitive and social skills
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • A greater enjoyment of school
  • Better school attendance

Why Get Involved in Stamford Cradle to Career?

Parents shouldn’t have to go it alone. Getting involved with Stamford Cradle to Career will open up the door to connecting with:
  • Other parents
  • Community resources
  • Resources to help in your child’s growth and development
  • Tools for communicating with your child’s caregivers
  • Tools for communicating with your child’s schools and educators

Family Resources

WhatsApp Group

Community Calendar

Parents can get involved by joining one of our CANs:

Connect with us

Call 203.348.7711 or email us to learn more about how you can get involved and get connected to resources!

United Way Resources

The Healthy Savings Plan provides $10 in free produce each week at participating grocery stores to qualifying families. Click here to learn more

The Stamford Food Collaborative publishes A Guide to Accessing Food in Stamford. Click here to learn more

The ALICE Enrichment Fund pays up to $300 per child per year for out-of-school, extra curricular activities for qualifying families. Click here to learn more

Support and Services
Prosperi-Key features a full spectrum of services and supports available to low-income families. Click here to learn more

UniteCT provides rent and utilities assistance for families affected by COVID-19. Click here to learn more

Action Plans

To effectively measure and identify effective practices while aligning resources, we have designed and developed a detailed Action Plan process. The process and the related template were created in close partnership with Stamford Public Schools and the Superintendent’s team. This process is consistently followed by all CANs. Each CAN is at a different stage of action plan completion, depending on the complexity of its objectives and the available data.

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