Community Racial Justice

Stamford Cradle to Career recognizes racism is the root of many problems and inequities in educational opportunity and achievement in Stamford. As our mission is to ensure educational excellence and equity for all children in Stamford, helping to understand, raise consciousness and dismantle racism is the foundation of our work.

Racial Equality Statement

Stamford Cradle to Career believes is important to publicly share our commitment to racial equity and how we plan to hold ourselves accountable to it. Read and download our statement here.

Restorative Practices

We are working hand in hand with Stamford Public Schools and community partners to transform Stamford into a Restorative Community. Restorative Practices create a culture based on high quality relationships among all community members and positive community building that is trauma-free. Trainings on Restorative Practices and School Climate are the cornerstone of this process. Additionally, we host monthly virtual convenings to foster discussion and sharing.

Stamford Stands Against Racism

SC2C is one of over 100 human service and faith-based organizations who have signed a Call to Action through Stamford Stands Against Racism (SSAR). We have committed to take action against racism in our organization. We have also committed to dismantling racism across the systems in Stamford, starting with our public schools and police department. SC2C has partnered with SSAR on a Community Racial Justice Series.

Community Racial Justice Series

To support Stamford’s anti-racism work, SC2C is coordinating a Community Racial Justice Series in partnership with Stamford Stands Against Racism. Starting in October 2020, we began offering free community wide trainings on topics meant to build awareness about systemic racism, educate on the history of racism, model leadership in this movement, and discuss how to mobilize people.


Watch Recordings of Previous Community Racial Justice Sessions

Action Plans

To effectively measure and identify effective practices while aligning resources, we have designed and developed a detailed Action Plan process. The process and the related template were created in close partnership with Stamford Public Schools and the Superintendent’s team. This process is consistently followed by all CANs. Each CAN is at a different stage of action plan completion, depending on the complexity of its objectives and the available data.

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