Our Approach

SC2C follows a collective impact model. Through the power of collaboration we bring all corners of the community together, with equity as the lens and family engagement as a cornerstone—all while using data to guide a process of continuous improvement.

Guided by Collaborative Action

The work of Stamford Cradle to Career is rooted in the power of collaboration.

We focus on cross-sector partnerships that lead to evidence-based action. Collaboration is the catalyst that moves our agenda forward. By collaborating, we increase our capacity to improve the lives of Stamford’s children and create a brighter future for them and for our city.

By its nature, collaboration is dynamic and ever changing. We are not afraid to change what isn’t working.

This Plan, Do, Study, Act graphic shows our model for working with partners and ensuring that we are continuously improving the ways we address the needs of Stamford’s children.

Driven by Data

The Stamford Cradle to Career collaborative is committed to data-driven decision making. Our continuous improvement strategy directs us to collect and analyze data to inform our planning.

We work to create consistencies across our partnership and track our progress by selecting and measuring agreed upon outcomes areas and related indicator measures.

Researchers and data experts help us to determine the most productive and meaningful approach to data-driven decision making.

For more information about the ways we are using data to drive decisions and accountability, visit Data.

Our Accountability Structure

Community Action Network: Small workgroups focused on each outcome area.

Implementation Team: Co-Chairs of each Community Action Network and Stamford Cradle to Career staff who guide the day-to-day direction of the partnership.

Community Council: Members of the partnership representing all components of the accountability structure from government, businesses, universities, community based organizations/nonprofits, and philanthropies who serve as advisors to the project.

Community Task Force: Group of leaders who meet regularly to address community-wide issues and contextual indicators linked to our work.

Advisory Board: Top level community leadership who provide strategic advice and support for the work.

Executive Team: Cross-sector of leaders who make funding and management decisions.

Backbone Management Team: Stamford Cradle to Career staff responsible for day-to-day operational support.

Data Network: Group of leaders charged with reviewing outcome indicators, related measures, and data points.

Communication Network: Group of leaders charged with the development of communication and marketing strategies to engage multiple audiences.

Investors Network: Businesses and foundations willing to financially sustain the work over multiple years.

Action Plans

To effectively measure and identify effective practices while aligning resources, we have designed and developed a detailed Action Plan process. The process and the related template were created in close partnership with Stamford Public Schools and the Superintendent’s team. This process is consistently followed by all CANs. Each CAN is at a different stage of action plan completion, depending on the complexity of its objectives and the available data.

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