Data is a guiding force behind everything we do at Stamford Cradle to Career. Data helps us to be accountable, measures our progress, and informs our continuous improvement process.


Data is a critical part of our continuous learning process to track progress on initiatives and make adjustments as needed. We use a Results-Based Accountability Framework for all our initiatives to guide planning, implementation, and improvement.

Context of Stamford

We use a lot of data, but try to be mindful/meaningful about the contextual factors that are impacting our data in such a diverse community as Stamford.

Data Network

Data is complex and can be interpreted in many different ways. To ensure we are looking at our data through many lenses, SC2C convenes a Data Network each month. Our network consists of experts from various data backgrounds, ranging from research and evaluation to finance and data science. This ensures that SC2C is viewing the data from multiple perspectives and is using data in thoughtful and meaningful ways.

What Is RBA and Why Do We Use It?

Stamford Cradle to Career uses a Results-Based Accountability (RBA) structure to plan, implement, and measure the impact of our community initiatives. RBA approaches data collection by identifying the desired outcome of a program, initiative, or community need. Once an ultimate outcome is agreed upon, SC2C and our collaborating partners work backward to identify what critical data points will tell us: how many people we are helping; how well are we helping those people; and whether they are better off as a result of participation. The concise nature of RBA means time is spent measuring what matters and using the data to inform decisions. This process also allows SC2C staff, data network members, and collaborating partners to review the results regularly and make continuous improvements as necessary.

Key / Most Used Data Sources

Important Data Reports

SC2C Data 

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