Sparkler for Community and Childcare Providers

If you are an early childhood program (including but not limited to family child care, daycare center, parenting program) interested in providing Sparkler for your families, please reach out to our Sparkler Liaison and Community Engagement Manager Tashi Shuler-Drakes at 678-928-2045 or

By signing up as a provider, you will have access to a data dashboard with information on all completed ASQs for your families

About Sparkler (English)

About Sparkler (Spanish)

How to Use Sparkler

    • Screening: Tap ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaires®) to answer questions about your child’s development. Explore what your child knows and can do.
    • Submit and Get Results: 
    • Play to Learn: Young children learn through play with YOU! Sparkler has a 1,000+ playful, standards-based activities to help you and your child learn together.
    • Develop Skills: Build heart, mind, body, and words.
    • Track Accomplishments: Track what you read, learn, and play in Grow – Sparkler’s scrapbook.
    • Share: Share to keep track of goals/progress together.
    • Coaching: Get tips and advice from your program and experts in early childhood development at 211 Child Development and Sparkler.
    • Q&A: Sparkler offers two-way communication that links parents and the systems that support them.

Current Programs Affiliated with Sparkler through SC2C

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Additional Resources

Get Started with Sparkler (Kindergarten)

Get Started with Sparkler (0-5)