Equity Initiatives

Fostering Equity and Inclusion Restorative Practices

We provide a free comprehensive 10-hour basic training in school climate, defining what school climate is, the difference between school climate and school culture, and the role of adults in school to foster a positive school climate.

We provide a free comprehensive 10-hour basic training in restorative practices, providing the necessary information for establishing the conditions for developing and nurturing a culture based on high-quality relationships among all school communities.

Dolan Empathy | We lead an afterschool program designed to spark conversation about the. the role that empathy plays in our lives: at school, at home, in the community, and world.

Topics Discussed | Definition of empathy, embracing others, managing emotions, modeling empathy, and more.

Community Racial Justice Webinar Series | An ongoing collaboration between Stamford Cradle To Career, Stamford Stands Against Racism, Domus, and Community Health Center.

Presenters share insight and actionable steps on a range of subjects related to community, faith, workplace, and mental health.

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