2023 SC2C Youth Leadership Interns

Meet our 2023 Interns


Welcome to our 2023 SC2C Youth Leadership Interns! Stamford Cradle to Career is proud to offer its internship program as an educational opportunity. By participating in it, students gain experience that will be helpful to them in the future.

This year’s interns are Katelin, Simeon, Justin, Dory, Jonathan, and Joshua.

Dory – 10th Grade at Stamford High School – Hi I’m Dory. I am a sophomore in Stamford high school. I am in the vibes curator position. I love to paint, play and listen music.

Katelin – I’m a 15 year old student at Westhill High School. During this internship, I look forward most to seeing the impact of my contributions in youth education, and developing my own interpersonal skills.

Josh – My name is Joshua, and I have the Marketing and Communications role for Stamford Cradle to Career Youth Leadership Internship Program. As an individual I like to see how I can captivate and innovate in an artistic sense while making content accessible and concise.  I believe in the power of a team and the importance of giving everyone equal opportunities, especially in the field of education.  We, the people are the driving force behind change and I am so proud to be part of that.

Simeon – My name is Simeon and I am a rising senior at Stamford High School. In my free time, I like to play soccer with friends and debate. I am involved in Boy Scouts (Nearing the Eagle rank). I am excited to fulfill my secretary duties while engaging in a fun and productive summer while helping the organization achieve its goals.

Jonathan – 10th Grade at Westhill High School – My name is Jonathan, I am sophomore at Westhill High School.  I have the role of researcher as an intern working for SC2C. I love playing sports, for Westhill I have played football, ran track, and I am currently playing for the lacrosse team. Some hobbies I have are lifting weights, playing video games, and investing in the stock market and learning more about it through research.

Justin – my name is Justin and I am a rising senior at the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering! I am beyond excited to take on the position as Youth Liaison. I hope to gain a better connection with my community and make a positive impact through this internship!