Skill Building For Success, Brochure & Flyer

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Identify and expand the essential skills embedded in youth programs. Access the suggested resources and align them to your programming.

To learn more about Skill Building For Success, download this brochure.

For a one-page summary of Skill Building for Success, download this flyer.

Our Mission

To incorporate and align National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) Essential Skills Standards, Community for Education Foundation (CEF) Life Skills and Resources, and Stamford Public Schools (SPS) strategic vision for developing mind, body, and heart.

The Challenge

As youth prepare to enter the workforce, it is important for them to strengthen their non-academic skills to be prepared for employment, competitive in their career, and confident in their abilities.


Source: Yale University, “The Attributes Employers Seek on Students’ Resumes”


Why Does This Matter?

By combining the goals of Stamford Public Schools, the life skills provided by CEF, and the core competencies outlined by NACE, these efforts lay the foundation for the work necessary by our community partners in preparing our students for a successful transition into higher education and careers.

What Can We Do

Across Stamford we need to utilize common vocabulary and a frame work to establish defined competencies and advising students on essential skills needed in college and the workforce.