Stamford Cradle to Career is working with community partners, including the Ferguson Library, to promote ways that all parents can raise children who love to read!

About Raise a Reader

Families can practice five simple activities to raise a reader—reading, writing, singing, talking and playing.

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. You can raise a reader by talking together every day. Conversations help a child express thoughts, learn what words mean, and gain new information about the world.

You can talk with your child in whatever language you are fluent in speaking.

Any place is a good place to talk, as long as you can take the time and ignore any distractions. Listen to what your child says, answer questions, add new information, and listen some more!

If your child is too young to talk back, keep talking anyway! Describe what you are doing while you do it, whether it’s cooking, folding laundry or shopping.

Any time is a good time to talk, including in the car, waiting on line, during meals, and before bedtime.

There is no wrong way to talk together!

Watch Now! Raise a Reader (English)

Watch Now! Raise a Reader (Spanish)

View the Raise a Reader videos on YouTube HERE.