This Week’s Minority-Owned Business Spotlight – Vanity Studio

Vanity Studio

Vanity Studio is a full service hair salon and certified school of cosmetology. We take great pride in our diverse styling capabilities and are trained to style all types of hair textures. Our trendy atmosphere allows our clients to have an affordable, relaxing and luxe experience. We also offer private styling rooms for clients receiving hair extensions or anyone looking for a more discrete experience.

Danelle and ShaQueen are an unstoppable duo. Both highly talented salon owners and stylists. They met ten years ago at Regis Salon and turned one big dream into a reality. The dynamic between the two is empowering in itself. Originating from two totally different backgrounds these ladies display balance on another level.

Danelle is originally from North Dakota. Danelle is a dedicated professional that cares for her client and will do almost anything to keep those around her on track. Danelle moved to CT in 2006 determined to advance her cosmetology career. Danelle has a particular gift in haircutting that is unmatched.

ShaQueen Valentine is a Stamford native. Launching her salon in her hometown in 2011. ShaQueen is a ball of energy and personality captivating anyone she interacts with. Hair Coloring, Extensions, and Hair designing are some of her specialties. With a name like ShaQueen you can bet that she is ready to deliver!!

This dynamic duo represents the energy you get when entering Vanity Studio. These ladies are full of life providing a diverse approach to the beauty industry. ShaQueen and Danelle have created a salon atmosphere for the professional trendy woman. Keeping up to date with all the fashion and beauty trends allows these ladies to offer on trend results for their clients.

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